My Community Bank

Your Savings are Secure.

Whether its saving for a rainy day and having access to your money whenever you need it, or setting your sights on the long term and locking your money away to receive a higher return, we have a product for you.

Instant Access Savings:

  • Open an account with £1 or more.
  • Save on a regular basis, no minimum required.
  • Earn 0.25% AER variable interest on your savings paid monthly.
  • Request withdrawals paid direct to your bank account.
  • Free life savings protection cover included.(Terms and Conditions apply)

Fixed Savings

We offer 1, 2 and 3 year fixed savings.

  • Know exactly how much your savings will grow over a fixed term.
  • Interest is fixed for the full term of your account.
  • Choose the amount and period of time you would like to invest – 1, 2, or 3 years.
  • No withdrawals before the end of the fixed term.
  • You can add to your deposit, up to £15,000.
  • Minimum deposit £1,000, maximum £15,000.
  • Free life savings protection cover included.(Terms and Conditions apply)

Your Savings are Secure.

For further information please contact us.

Why Save with Castle Community Bank?

We offer the same products as banks do, but we aren’t run by bankers.

Your savings will be secure and ethical.

Credit Unions use their savings to lend to their members. We don’t have shareholders. We are a financial co-operative: an organisation owned by its members, for the benefit of the members.

Better savings rates than the banks.

They will be put to work as loans to other members of the credit union to improve the prosperity of the community and the financial wellbeing of our members.

Your savings are safe.

Whilst we are different to a bank we are subject to the same regulations. We are regulated by the FCA and PRA, and we are subject to independent scrutiny aimed at protecting your interests. Additionally, the money you deposit with us is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme so you can be sure your savings are safe. You can learn more here here

Your Money is used to Help Others.

We’re here to provide a financial community accessible to everyone, which includes reaching out to those who have no option but to use high cost credit.