My Community Bank

Saving with My Community Bank Wales.

We offer a variety of savings plans to suit your needs.

Read more about each savings product type below.

General Saver:

  • This the savings account that members automatically have when they join the Credit Union.
  • Deposit and withdraw whenever you like.
  • No minimum saving requirement.

Special Occasion Saver:

  • Want to be able to save, but without the temptation to take it out? Whether it’s saving for Christmas, a Holiday or a Wedding – whatever the purpose.
  • Open a Special Occasion Saver account, save regularly and set a specific date for when you want the money.
  • You won’t be able to withdraw any funds until the specific date provided (terms and conditions apply).

Sharia Saver

  • For full information on our Sharia products, please click here.

Smart Saver

  • For young savers (under 16 years of age) who want to save early, or for parents who want to open an account for their children.
  • Young members currently receive a yearly dividend payment on their savings (currently 1.25%).

Child Trust Fund

  • New accounts cannot be opened, however existing accounts can be transferred in.
  • Our CTF accounts currently pay a yearly 2% dividend.

Saving with My Community Bank Wales.

For further information please contact us.

Why use a Credit Union instead of a highstreet bank?

We’re like a bank without the bankers… But that’s not the only reason to save with us.

Your savings will be used ethically.

Credit Unions use their savings to lend to their members. We don’t have shareholders. We are a financial co-operative: an organisation owned by its members, for the benefit of the members.

Better savings rates than the banks.

We offer much better interest rates on your savings than any of the major high street banks do.

Your Savings are Safe.

Whilst we are different to a bank we have the same regulator and are subject to independent scrutiny aimed at protecting your interests. Additionally, the money you deposit with us is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme so you can be sure your savings are safe.

Your Money is used to Help Others.

We’re here to provide a financial community accessible to everyone, which includes reaching out to those who have no option but to use high cost credit.

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