Clase Primary School asked My Community Bank Wales to sponsor their trip to the Royal Mint on Friday the 7th July.

Of course, we were more than happy to help one of the local schools who have banked with us for over 7 years!

So here is a little background, the school wanted to introduce a saving scheme, that would help their pupils with the importance of saving and hopefully help improve their numerical skills for their studies! win-win here I think no?

The selected pupils are trained as Junior Bankers and are presented with a certificate in Junior banking.

The visit to the Royal Mint was to further the training in “How Money is Made”

This has been at the fore front of the Junior School in Clase, and the training is repeated each year when the bankers move on to secondary school, and new ones trained.

It’s that popular at the school they have a waiting list to become a Banker!

We at My Community Bank Wales are always happy to help our community prosper and want help young people to understand the importance of money management.